About Us

Our Philosophy We are an Australian business mindfully creating pet wear with sustainability embedded in all of our products. Our signature aesthetic is built on reinventing classic retro sport motifs. Designs are consciously derived from logos of the recent past with a modern, playful twist.
Hey Neighbour!  We keep things local at Pack of Mine to support our community and to minimise our environmental impact and carbon footprint.
Good Fibres All Around  Hemp and Organic Cotton are the two, primary, Earth friendly fibres we use at Pack of Mine.   Why Hemp? A super sustainable fabric that uses less water during production, and provides a higher yield compared to other natural fibres. Hemp also provides UV protection, anti-odour properties, and superior durability, so your pet can play hard in their favourite P.O.M piece for longer!  Why Organic Cotton? When growing organic cotton less pesticides and harmful chemicals are used - making it kinder to the Earth and your pet.
Less is More By creating small production runs Pack of Mine can better control & consciously minimise the amount of waste produced. This helps to reduce our environmental footprint as well as minimise the potential for excess stock.
Lonewolves Unite  Pack of Mine reworks pre-owned garments as limited edition pieces released each month. By giving them a new life, we re hoping to reduce the amount of textile waste that could potentially end up in landfill. Each piece is unique and different, making it one of a kind just like your pet.